Need clarity and objectivity?

Meaningful coaching conversations hold two vital & powerful game changers - objectivity and accountability - especially in the ever-evolving, entrepreneurial terrain.

We entrepreneurs, even the most social ones, tend to island ourselves at various points in our careers, inducing tunnel vision. As your thinking-partner and coach, I facilitate 'safe', 'curious', and 'reflective' conversations. This space allows you to hone in on blind spots and disserving narratives. This deconstruction shifts beliefs and values, and, therefore, your behaviour and environment.

Book an appointment if this resonates with you. Let’s understand how and where I can help you reach goals with greater joy and freedom.

What my clients say

I wasn't sure what to expect when we started off. But as soon as Behnaaz implored me to fully commit myself to - my Self, the "how" revealed itself. Through the process s...



As an entrepreneur, it is not always easy to decide where to focus our energy. Both I and my co-founder have benefited from regular coaching with Behnaaz. She has consist...


Lawsikho, Delhi

I worked with Behnaaz in what has easily been one of the most difficult years of my professional journey. And the work with her contributed to us not only making it throu...

Gauri Mirashi

Co-Founder EcoSattva | Carpe

Behnaaz is by far the best thing that happened to me in 2017! I say that because she helped me realise that my 2017 could be different than my 2016 and I'm the ONLY one w...



At my very first session with Behnaaz, she skillfully and swiftly helped me find my core strengths and helped me identify my driving forces. These were truly surreal, lik...


70 EMG, Mumbai

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