About Behnaaz Engineer. And Coaching.

I am Behnaaz, thinking partner to entrepreneurs, startup founders, medium and small businesses. A mindful presence and deep listening is what I offer.

Our sessions are about intentionally spending time on your narratives and your go-to-methods. I create safe spaces to explore this with curiosity and openness. This allows your attention and knowledge to operate from a unique position of tuned-in emotional intelligence and trust. You are more likely to arrive at accurate diagnostics with sharper focus. You create for yourself, greater efficiency, and time, which can be redirected to your other high priority asks.

Rippling into the result: a harmonious, ever-growing, and sustainable professional eco-system.

My individual coaching programmes will help leaders transition into next-level growth. My team coaching programmes will help leadership teams create a cohesive atmosphere for high value creation. My specific-support offers are short-term programmes providing topic-based support.

My clients are optimistic, confident and successful. I get to wake up every day and work with amazing individuals who contribute to my growth, both as a human being and as a Coach. On this exciting voyage, I work as a trusted placeholder for my clients and their goals.

I hold my clients accountable to their highest intentions, and gently but firmly, work with them on goals that they aim to achieve.

My method: I lean in on my learning. I lean in on science - tools and techniques. I lean in on intuition – what my gut says. And most of all, I lean in and call upon the creativity and courage each of my clients bring to the table.

What fuels me: My family, my friends, yoga’s wisdom and anchoring powers, mentors and unbelievably talented fellow-coaches, books and their unique stories, my love for business psychology - this list is long, so I’ll wrap it at black coffee and a hot cup of fresh mint tea. And now, enough about me; the baton’s all yours, how can I help you?

Behnaaz Engineer

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