About Behnaaz Engineer. And Coaching.

I am Behnaaz, your thinking partner. Mindful presence and deep listening is what I do. Sounds ambiguous? Yeah. I get it. 

It does sound intangible. But here’s the thing. While you speak, I listen. I listen objectively. To your plans, your challenges, your narratives, your go-to-methods, your facts vs assumptions, your priorities..

I create safe spaces for curiosity and openness. This allows your attention and knowledge to operate from a unique position of high emotional intelligence and trust. You are likely to arrive at accurate diagnostics with sharper focus. And this creates for you greater efficiency and time, which can be redirected to your other high-priority, asks.

The result - You’ve created a harmonious, sustainable professional eco-system. Your spreadsheets and revenue then, organically align to your values and well-being. Coaching is about how the-whole-of-you can collaborate better with some parts of you, so that you can do you, even better.

I work with entrepreneurs and startups, a whole lot, who are a part of the legal fraternity. My clients are optimistic, confident and successful. They are obsessive about trying to be better people and better leaders. I get to wake up every day to work with these amazing individuals who contribute to my growth, both as a human being and as a Coach.

Spending over a decade of my career in sales and business development, there's one thing I know for sure and it's this - Wealth and Your Wellbeing are not an 'either or' option. You can have both. Sanity need not be compromised in the pursuit of targets, timelines and revenue.

Business comes with its fair share of ebbs and peaks. Across this exciting voyage, I work as a trusted placeholder for my clients and their goals. Coaching empowers me to help entrepreneurs stay close to the goals that are meaningful to them in times of crisis and success.

My method: I lean in on science - tools and techniques. I lean in on being present – what my gut says. And most of all, I lean in and call upon the creativity and knowledge each of my clients bring to the table.

What helps me: My mentors and unbelievably talented fellow-coaches, the tough lessons I’ve learnt in sales, books and their unique stories, my love for business psychology, yoga and its anchoring powers. And of course, black coffee and fresh mint tea.

And now, enough about me, the baton’s all yours. Tell me how I can help you.

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