What my clients say


Initiative for Climate Action, Co-Founder

I worked with Behnaaz and found our engagement extremely fruitful. It eased my transition into the new spaces of being a co-founder and CEO of a climate action non-profit. Her coaching process is direct and outcome focused and this brought a lot of clarity despite the general messiness of the climate action space. I also found her reflection and goal setting exercises super useful. I highly recommend working with her, especially to objectively address cognitive biases related to your approach to work. It is a pleasure to have Behnaaz as part of my growth journey!


iPleaders & Lawsikho, Delhi

Behnaaz is an excellent business coach - the reason I had approached her was to develop an ability to focus on what needs to be done now, given the multiple tasks that an organization in growth phase has. Over the duration of my association with her I have worked on developing a laser sharp approach on what to do now and what to do next in business and drown out all the noise. My ability to plan and execute projects as an individual and in a team has shot up exponentially. She has a wide range of tools at her disposal for coaching and you can count on her to pull out what's right for the situation time after time. She can effectively guide for any kind of situation you are dealing with at work as a business owner.



I wasn't sure what to expect when we started off. But as soon as Behnaaz implored me to fully commit myself to - my Self, the "how" revealed itself. Through the process she has been the link between me, as I was then and the me as I wished to be. Thank you Behnaaz, for initiating an internal dialogue and being that voice which so beautifully guided me and brought clarity to my chattering mind. Her agreeing to "coach" me, as I see it, is paying heed to the Inner voice.  


Facebook, Singapore

I highly recommend Behnaaz as a personal success coach for anyone who wants to tackle problems quickly and precisely. Behnaaz's talent lies in her ability to help clients gain clarity, self-motivation and a clear sense of direction towards achieving goals and successful outcomes. She helps you change your life and be where you need and want to be. Thank you, Behnaaz, for everything


Tara Child Protection & Empowerment

Behnaaz has upped my productivity by facilitating greater self-awareness. I always look forward to the next session eagerly; it has really become an important time of the week, during which I brush away the unnecessary thoughts to refocus on what matters and move forward from there. She helped me expand me abilities and assertiveness. I started off with Behnaaz at a key point of my career and I'm very thankful to her for her gentle yet powerful support.


Lawsikho, Delhi

As an entrepreneur, it is not always easy to decide where to focus our energy. Both I and my co-founder have benefited from regular coaching with Behnaaz. She has consistently helped us to chase our goals and achieve them by bringing method to the madness. I would strongly recommend her to those who are looking for a Coach to achieve Business goals.



Working with Ben was insightful and effective. Through our coaching sessions, I saw myself over the last 20 years and became keenly aware of recurring patterns through this time. The 'aha' moments have helped me see my strengths and blind spots. This awareness has powered me tremendously.


Art writer & Advertising Professional, Mumbai

I entered the workshop hoping to get some clarity on my work path ahead, and I did. But more interestingly, it felt like I was being introduced to myself again. Joining the dots between my goals when I originally started out, and the path that lay ahead made me realize there is a workable plan and I needn't scramble anymore.



Behnaaz is by far the best thing that happened to me in 2017! I say that because she helped me realise that my 2017 could be different than my 2016 and I'm the ONLY one who could make that happen. Her methods are extremely simple yet powerful. I love her approach where she focuses on making you self sufficient and completely independent. Her empathy and objectivity makes the whole engagement very pleasant and meaningful. If you are stuck, meet her over a coffee, because genuinely a lot can happen over a coffee. All the best Ben!


Advisor, Consultant, Educator, Founder
Co-founder Initiative for Climate Action

Behnaaz is a terrific coach! Coaching sessions with her were extremely useful in enhancing my overall clarity and focus. I became much more aware of my strengths and trusted techniques, and also came face to face with how I sometimes was, in my mind, attempting to be someone or something that wasn’t fully authentic to my own experiences and context. Her deep commitment and gentle, considerate manner both put me at ease and also built my own resolve in working upon myself. I found. The sessions helped me a lot in making decisions with greater clarity and having a truer sense of myself.


Climate Action Professional, Delhi

I feel short of words when I try to describe the value that Behnaaz was able to bring to my life. Her forward focused, inward looking, and gentle conversations with me helped me prioritise my short term goals along with my long terms goals. She helped me clear my disserving narratives, and mid-session confusion would so beautifully transition to end-session clarity - I was amazed, each time. I highly recommend Behnaaz to anybody wanting to explore their professional life and come at it with authenticity and self-care.


70 EMG, Mumbai

At my very first session with Behnaaz, she skillfully and swiftly helped me find my core strengths and helped me identify my driving forces. These were truly surreal, like a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to many more revelations about myself and who I truly am with her help.  


Inextis Events

Working with Behnaaz has been a rewarding and enriching experience. I had stepped into a new lead position when we began working together– Proud to say I thoroughly enjoy my role now. I achieve and cross important milestones with her. She helps me bring clarity to chaos and breaks it down into digestible pieces. Our sessions focus on results and accountability, her approach is personal, definitely not a one solution fits all approach. Coaching with Behnaaz is empowering, may not always be easy - be prepared to bring commitment and curiosity to every session to truly maximise benefits for you and your company.

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