Special Support Offers

This is for you if you have a specific challenge in mind that you would like help with, starting immediately.

An initial breakthrough call will help you to understand how the below offers fit your specific requirement.

#1 Embracing new leadership roles

Congratulations. A new leadership role heralds exciting times. Engage in conversations that will support you or a team member to embrace this new role with unbridled curiosity and great calm.

The package is spread across 3 sessions of 60 minutes each.
Price on request.

#2 Understanding Emotional Triggers

Emotional triggers are frustrating and confusing. Living a life on rewind is tough. Coaching opportunities in this segment will focus on giving you the support you need to understand your triggers. We will spend time on diagnostics. Understanding root causes of these triggers is a big step towards long-term shifts.

This is a 2-session (60 minutes each) introductory step into emotional intelligence.
Price on request.

#3 Three Steps to Collaborative Conversations

Most of us believe in the power of collaborative conversations. And yet, are unable to practice this in our day-to-day lives. Let's take a pause to understand what's really happening here. This is a powerful moment -- to take a break; to be present; to realize what makes conversations a win-win.

This is a 3-session programme of 45 minutes each.
Also available in group formats.
Price on request.

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