Keynote Speaking


I focus on actionable information - Be it a single client that I am working with or an auditorium packed with professionals.

Choose a topic below and lets discuss how I can customize it for you and your professional space.

Topic #1: Maintain laser sharp focus in times of paralyzing overwhelm.

Why does overwhelm hijack our productivity? And how does it have the power to pull the plug on our inspiration and creativity?

The answers are simple and the solutions far closer to home than we realise.

1. Understand and look at overwhelm from an inside out approach, demystifying its power and its hold.

2. Learn to drop some baggage and trade that for stamina and determination.

3. Better your focus, creativity and results.

Topic #2: The Sales Mindset: A Failure a day, keeps Stagnation at bay.

This workshop stretches leaders to look at sales from the lens of a trainer and a motivator. Simultaneously,  it stretches teams to broaden their definition of Sales and integrate into their professional space, irrespective of their specific role or department.

1. Specificity in the definitions of wins and losses.

2. Build competence to build confidence.

3. Love sales? Yes, thats possible.

Topic #3: Fall in-love with your work once again.

Why and when does passion and courage get replaced by monotony and suffocation?

Join the dots on your journey so far and reconnect with the all important 'Why'.

1. Acknowledge ground zero.

2. Find meaning beneath the surface-goals.

3. Tap into your unique winning formula.


Discover how Behnaaz’s innovative and inspirational approach, improves productivity, strengthens emotional resilience and builds value based outcomes across members of your teams.